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Pete Zawadzki peterz20 at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 26 07:20:55 +04 2004



Wanted to let everyone know, I've added to my
father's site at www.cooldaddio.net


First, the Gallery
<http://www.cooldaddio.net/gallery/>  is now
on-line and expanded -- further additions are
planned.  My desire is to get a virtual
catalogue together before putting together a
show.   If you own some of my father's art
please let Sonya or me know. We would like to
arrange a visit with you and get an image up
in the Collectors gallery. 


There are many paintings we haven't seen.
The challenge ahead is finding names and
putting the collection in reference to his


So secondly, I've started a Wiki-Biography
<http://www.cooldaddio.net/phpwiki/> with a
time line.  This allows anyone to easily edit
the text and build an interactive story with
their own special pages. This should turn out
to be an interesting collaborative reference
work. Your stories and contributions are
greatly appreciated.


Just to keep-up, Sonya's been accepted to
Towson University with plans to start in


All the best,

Pete(y) Zawadzki

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